Save the Children, Malawi

I was recently given as assignment to go to Malawi and produce a video and stills package for a healthcare award run by Glaxo Smith Klein and Save the Children. The deadline was quite tight, I had two days in which to shoot everything I needed (stills and video) and then had to edit and deliver on the 3rd day. These types of assignments are always a challenge because you tend to work solo and have to be capable of doing everything, wearing all the different hats, and doing so in an unfamiliar, sometimes difficult environment. On this occasion I was very lucky to find some great local help on the ground, including a fixer who also knew his way around a camera (always handy). Below are some of the images from the assignment and also an edit I put together from the two days of shooting. 

bCPAPMalawi 4 from Greg Funnell on Vimeo.

And below are some little behind the scenes snaps: With Esther and her son at her home in Blantyre, Malawi

Ernest (my local fixer) shows a previous video he shot with Esther, to her and her family, for the first time.