Save the Children, Central African Republic

I was recently commissioned to travel to the Central African Republic for Save the Children a cover a visit by their CEO Justin Forsyth, producing both film and stills. Whilst we were there the situation in country deteriorated rapidly with fighting breaking out across the region and leaving us trying to continue operating under tight restrictions. It was certainly an interesting time to be there, the country needs attention from the International Community to make sure it doesn't descend into bitter sectarian violence - it felt we were there just as the story was beginning to break. Hopefully the attention it's received in the last few weeks and the intervention of the French and African Forces will bring some stability.

A 3 year old who was shot in the arm and had to have it amputated, Bouar Hospital.

A child undergoes surgery in a Hospital with no electricity and one trained surgeon for 37,000 people

Local militia's patrolling in Bouar

French forces on the streets of the capital, Bangui